Haunted Shores posted the following update on their MySpace.


We’ll be releasing a split EP with our good friends in Cyclamen (UK), due out tentatively next month! We’re almost done with it, just putting the finishing touches on one more track on our end, as well as some artwork. From the bits I’ve heard of the Cyclamen material it is gonna be something truly special. Appearing on the split EP will be final versions of “When in Oslo” and one more song (which we will be posting here soon!). After that comes out Chris and I will resume work on the new album! We’ve been writing together a ton and are beyond excited to share it with you guys. I also wanted to formally thank all of you who have given us positive feedback on the new iteration of HS. We really take it to heart, especially considering the fact that we’re kind of getting a fresh start if you will. So thanks to all who have listened… tell your friends aboot us!

If you haven’t heard of Cyclamen, shame on you. I interviewed Hayato Imanishi earlier this year. They’re a really great band and are playing their first show with Tesseract March 19th in High Wycombe, UK. Haunted Shores, on the other hand, is a thrashier sounding djenty band based out of Washington DC, featuring Mark Holcomb on guitar and bass and ex-Periphery singer Chris Barretto. Periphery songwriter Misha Monsoor apparently makes studio appearances and handles some of the production.

Everyone should check this EP out and help support independent artists like Cyclamen and Haunted Shores. It will definitely be worth checking out.

– JR

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