Sumeriancore frontrunners Veil of Maya released the studio version of “Unbreakable” for streaming over on their MySpace page. While it doesn’t stick with me as well as “Namaste” did, I still dig it quite a bit.

“Unbreakable” is from their upcoming album [id] via Sumerian Records. Just as the animation says, it’s due out April 6th. I can’t wait.

While we’re on the topic of Sumerian Records, has anyone noticed that they don’t release vinyl versions? I’d love to have The Faceless‘ discography on vinyl but apparently Sumerian doesn’t put any priority on this at all. With the upcoming VoM and Periphery releases, I’d love to preorder them on vinyl, but no dice. Step it up, Sumerian! Music geeks want to give you their money!

– JR

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