I posted about these dudes a while back. Continuing the DIY ethic of their debut album Contrasts, they’ve built their own official site, on their own. In fact, I believe it was only one of them, and he knows squat all about web design. Props?

The main reason for posting this is the plethora of audible goodies you get as a result. Their Myspace page offers two of the best tracks from Contrasts, as well as some tasty new demos, but for those of you hooked by ‘When the Tiger Lost His Voice‘, ‘The Unspeakable‘ and ‘Happy Ever Afternoon‘, the player on StellaDawes.com also features the third recent demo, as well as album tracks ‘Dichotomy‘, ‘Everything Happens to Eeyore‘ and ‘Investment Intercourse: A Deposit‘.

These guys are one of my favourite unsigned British bands; blending chaotic screamo with atmospheric post-whatever, but always feeling fresh. Think how refreshing City of Caterpillar were, and you’re someway close to these awesome dudes.

I hope this spurs you on to supporting them, even if it’s the measly £3* offering, because they’re genuinely a talented bunch.

– CG

*$4.50 at time of going to press

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