Dat Bass

The UK apparently has this scene going with proggy fill-in-the-blankcore, what with Johnny Truant (RIP), Architects, Arusha Accord, and Fellsilent hitting it fairly big (our local Brit Chris could maybe elaborate on this more I suppose). And in the footsteps of SiKth, there’s also a few bands out there in this style using two vocalists (as is the case in Arusha and Fellsilent). It’s pretty cool, I think.

Anyway, Kerrang debuted Arusha Accord’s new video “Dead To Me”, from their stellar debut full-length album The Echo Verses. The video is nothing special, but the song is good. I love how the bass is so high in the mix.

The Echo Verses is out right now, so you should probably go find it somewhere and give it a spin. Expect time signature shifts, audible bass, and killer vocal harmonies. It’s a fun listen.

– JR


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