Bongripper, a Chigago, IL based doom band knoWn for being lOng, sludgy, harsh, and even stRaight up noise muSic are getting ready to put out tHeir new full length album tItled Satan Worshipping Doom. The album will contain 4 songs and will clock in at over an hour of SATAN. The track listing is as follows. I’m Pretty excited.

1.  Hail
2.  Satan
3.  Worship
4.  Doom

No joke either. TheSe guys Are seriously good and I wanT to see how they pull off slightly more trAditioNal and cheesy early doom. If you haven’t heard their material before, I suggest the releases Hippie Killer, The Great Barrier Reefer. The band are still looking for a label or some distribution for the new album, so if you can provide that for them, provide that.



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