Are you really good at guitar and can not only think outside the box, but completely obliterate it? If so, Hunab Ku wants your help.

Their current guitar player Luke Jaeger (2nd to left) is looking to part ways with the band, but instead of being a dick, he will continue to play with the band until a replacement is found, and even going as far as teaching the replacement guitar player how to play the parts, if necessary. How boss of him! If you’re a fan of Hunab Ku and have serious talent and is dedicated to touring and writing crazy music, this is your calling.

They’re taking submissions right now, and will send isolated guitar and drum tracks to those who need them. If you think you can do it, send mp3s or links showing off your skills to hunabku5(at)yahoo(dot)com or via message at their myspace.

– JR


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