The deathcore scene is stagnant and slowly decaying, save for a few stand out Sumeriancore bands that decide to mix some shit up. Bands like The Faceless, Veil of Maya, and All Shall Parish actually have something extra going on and stand out as being the talent that’s ultimately saving this sub-genre from dying out.

Chelsea Grin, however, are prime example of how it can all go to shit. While they aren’t exactly the worst out there *ahemcoughOceanocough*, Chelsea Grin’s Desolation of Eden is probably the most uninspired music I’ve subjected myself to purposefully all year. There’s nothing new or exciting about this music at all.

Just what I expected. The crabcore influence is plain as day!

The riffs are nothing exciting, although there’s a hint of a decent melodic guitar line every now and then, nothing saves this album from being a wasteland of 3rd rate chugging and breakdowns. The vocals are as you’d expect at this point in the review. The highs are lackluster and the lows are just plain average. There’s even some BREEEEE going on at points. No thanks.

The breakdowns. The fucking breakdowns. In general, sometimes breakdowns are useful. But when you put them in every single song (sometimes multiple times), then you’re missing the whole point of having a breakdown in the first place. Speaking as deathcore as a whole, it’s gotten to the point where breakdowns ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME. How many variations of breakdowns can possibly be written before we can just call it a day? Even the one great song on this album, “Elysium”, which is a melodic instrumental track, is plagued by the most pointless breakdown ever tacked on at the end. It’s like they didn’t even try and are throwing them in as a crutch for poor songwriting.


The only good song. I’m not even going to bother posting another sample.

In summation, unless you enjoy uninspired chugging that doesn’t challenge the listener at all or want to be bored to sleep, then this is an album you should avoid. This music is as contrived as it gets.

Chelsea Grin – Desolation of Eden gets

1.5/5 – Poor

– JR


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