I’ve been listening to a lot of Protest the Hero lately. The band doesn’t sacrifice songwriting for technicality and find a great middle ground. They certainly stand out in the crowd of metalcore that they’re lumped in with.

When listening to their full length debut Kezia, I remembered how great the song “Turn Soonest To The Sea” is.


The sheer melodic beauty from 3:45 to the end makes for a song that I can’t resist listening to on repeat. This may be the greatest singalong part in a metal song that I’ve ever heard. Truly epic, and very memorable

Listening to this got me thinking about other metal songs that are catchy, but have enough artistic integrity for me to listen to without feeling guilty. Back when I first heard Between The Buried And Me‘s Shevanel Cut A Flip, I had the section at the end stuck in my head for a long time.


From 3:3o to the end is just so beautiful and serene, and the harmonic vocal melody really sticks with you. I got chills on the first listen.

And if you’re talking about catchy metal, you can’t forget about Devin Townsend.


Aww yeah. This is my jam.

With all of that being said, I want you guys to talk to me in the comments and tell me about other bands that write catchy and beautiful melodic music without completely sacrificing any artistic integrity or technicality. I don’t want any generic metalcore either. Make it something less obvious.

Before I turn it over to you guys, I’ve got one more example of the music I’m looking fore: The Dillinger Escape Plan.


– JR


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