Hello. My name is Jimmy Rowe. I’m the owner and proprietor of HeavyBlogIsHeavy.com. I needed help running the site, so I enlisted my brother-in-heavy Mitch to be a co-admin. Since the birth of Heavy Blog Is Heavy in the summer of 2009, we have enlisted two more contributors and are always accepting submissions from any of you who wish to contribute. All it takes is an email with a sample writing. If it’s good, we’ll let you post here. If it isn’t, we’ll probably just ignore you. If you’re confident that you don’t suck as a writer, shoot an email at heavyblognews(at)gmail(dot)com.

Anyway, I write to you today to explain a few things, as it may not be overtly obvious to some.

  1. We are not professional writers. Well, friend and contributor Chris (Disinformasiya) is on his way to become a professional writer, but we don’t get paid for any writing. Sure, we run ads, but that’s out of my hope that it’ll help pay some of the cost of web hosting. But other than that, we’re just some guys who love music and just want a venue to talk about it.
  2. We have our biases. Of course we’re biased. We’re bloggers. This goes in with us not being professional. We’re just a few opinionated dudes who happen to have a redundant domain name. The whole point of this blog is to give some opinions on things going on in metal and other heavy music, and if I’m not mistaken, that’s pretty much the definition of being biased.
  3. One writer’s opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the  opinions of the rest of the writers. The point of having multiple writers is having a little diversity. If we all had the exact same taste, the site would be boring as shit. Mitch has a tendency to listen to heavier death metal, Chris listens to hardcore and post rock, and I fit somewhere in between. Tyler hasn’t posted enough for me to tell yet, but I digress. The point is, we like different music. There’s some overlap, but we have different opinions. Don’t get us confused and lump us up together needlessly.

So that takes care of that. If you thought all this was obvious, I’m sorry. But certain events (which I like to call “ppgate”) have made it apparent that it might not be so obvious to some. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I’ve got a lab report due soonish, so you’ll be seeing a bit less of me for a little bit. Try not to burn the place down, okay?

Yours Truly,

– JR


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