As far as I could remember, East Of The Wall were an progressive instrumental metal band. Now all of a sudden they release two new songs and there’s a guy singer. To be sure that I wasn’t crazy, I listened to their older music and there’s no vocals. There’s no vocalist listed on their MySpace either. I’m just going to assume it’s one of the members doing the vocal work until I’m told otherwise.

Enough about that. Like I said, East of the Wall have uploaded two new songs, “Salieri” and “Fleshmaker” on their MySpace page, and they are fucking amazing. Both songs come straight from their upcoming album Ressentiment (oh lawd, a portmanteau), which is due out sometime in July on Translation Loss records.

Here’s the tracklist for the album, which I am suddenly now excited for:

01. “The Ladder”
02. “Salieri”
03. “Fool’s Errand”
04. “Wisp Of Tow”
05 .“Ocean Of Water”
06. “It’s Always Worth While Speaking To A Clever Man”
07. “Fleshmaker”
08. “Maybe I’m Malaised”
09. “A Long Defeat”
10. “Gordian Corridor”
11. “Handshake In Your Mouth”
12. “Don’t Stop Bereaving”
13. “Beasteater”

– JR


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