Right now I’m going to compose a list of what I believe to be criminally underrated or underground metal albums/bands. Not that you care.

SuffocationEffigy of the Forgotten (Suffocation as a whole are underrated but this album is probably the best death metal album ever and it needs more appreciation.)


The Lord Weird Slough FegDown Amongst the Dead Men and Traveller

Morpheus DescendsRitual of Infinity

Defeated SanityPsalms of the Moribund and Prelude to the Tragedy

ImmolationDawn of Possession and Here in After

PossessedSeven Churches

PsychoboliaFisting You All


FleuretyMin Tid Skal Komme

Ved Buens EndeWritten in Waters


Solefald – Discography

SkinlessTrample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead


Thorr’s HammerDommedagsnatt

WarningWatching From a Distance

!T.O.O.H.!Rad a Trest

Mortician – Discography

Incantation – Discography

MalignancyIntrauterine Cannibalism

Lymphatic PhlegmShow-off Cadavers – The Anatomy of Self Display

Lair of the MinotaurThe Ultimate Destroyer and War Metal Battle Master

Darkthrone – Sardonic Wrath

Grayceon – Grayceon (Giant Squid just slightly more interesting, imo)

Fuck… I’m DeadBring on the Dead

Eternal SufferingDrowning in Tragedy (One of the best slam albums ever, imo. Really defies the stereotypes.)

Dot[.] – Discography

CyaeghaSteps of Descent

Coffins – Discography

CapricornsRuder Forms Survive

BongripperThe Great Barrier Reefer

…and OceansA.M.G.O.D.

Reverend Bizarre – Discography

PanopticonCollapse and Panopticon

There are more, but I don’t want it to stretch on any longer considering most people won’t give half these a chance. I love you if you at least try them though. I understand some stuff isn’t for everybody as extreme metal is a weird and harsh genre that shouldn’t be discounted of its art because of bad stereotypes it receives. Why the hell am I talking about this here and now? Just listen to this stuff and buy their stuff.



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