In an interview, found at this link, a member of the Finnish folk metal band Finntroll called Trollhorn (ugh, really? that’s how you know he’s a tool) said “Eurovision song contest is to music what Kentucky Fried Chicken is to food. Black Metal = no compromise. If KoK wants to penetrate some unexplored areas in the homosexual community, I feel no harm done, yet we leave our crowd raped by other means than participating in vain and futile contests on something we consider a blasphemy of an Art anyway.” when asked about Keep of Kalessin entering the Eurovision song contest and if they would ever do something similar.

What a trite piece of shit; seriously. What in the name of god would you guys know about black metal or art, and “no compromise” in it? The contest might be really dumb but Keep of Kalessin are still making more worth while music (and trver blakk metal than thou) than you ever will even if they are “trying to penetrate the homosexual community” you jackasses. What a piss poor attitude from a piss poor musician. I did get a good laugh out of Finntroll bashing other people though, at least.


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