Apparently Dillinger Escape Plan played a Tears for Fears cover in Paris, France this past month on their European tour.


It’s too dark to really tell, but that’s Ben playing the keys. It’s a good cover, though it’s decidedly unDillinger, if such a thing exists. My only complaint is that Greg’s mic needs to be turned up. Damn sound guy needs to be fired. They should hire me. They don’t even have to pay me in cash. Just give me one and a half meals a day and I’ll take the job. Please hire me, Dillinger. I’m not joking. Dropping out of college to hang out and work with Dillinger Escape Plan? Sign me up.

In addition to the Tears For Fears cover, they played a new song, “Chinese Whispers” which sounds very rock-oriented and sounds like it’ll be one of the singles from their upcoming album Option Paralysis. Skip to 3 minutes in:


Oh man, that song is awesome. I can’t wait for Option Paralysis. It’s due out March 23rd on Party Smasher Inc/Season of Mist.

– JR


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