I’ve been thinking and I decided that our rating system for album reviews is pretty loose and needs more clarification. I felt that it was a little arbitrary and confusing. And it made it kinda difficult to give albums a real rating and be 100% comfortable with it. Like Mitch said in the comments section of my Blackjazz review:

“If you give an album a 5/5 I’m going to kick you in the face.”

I felt like I wanted it to be a little more possible to give an album 5/5 (or 1/5, as the case may be). So here’s the new scale of whole numbers. Use common sense for any variation including .5 ratings.

1/5: Awful, Horrible

2/5: Boring, Nothing Special

3/5: Okay, Worth A Listen

4/5 Pretty Good, going on Great

5/5 Amazing, Awesome, Excellent

I think (and hope) that this helps. Any suggestions? Make em in the comments!

– JR

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