What? Can it be?! Option Paralysis leak?!1one!


That was cruel, sorry. I am in fact referring to the recent announcement on Greg Puciato’s Twatter that the Dillinger Escape Plan will, for the second year running, be playing at the UK’s Download festival.

This is kind of a kick in the teeth after twice missing out on tickets for the TWO shows they played in London last Friday (a huge point of contention between me and the greedy London dickheads who went to both shows and/or touted the extremely limited number of tickets for phat £££ – which I don’t have </qq>), but if any of you readers are UK based, this is a better reason than any so far to go.

Me, I don’t particularly like camping, and considering I wouldn’t/couldn’t pay the £35 (about $55) for Friday, I can’t see myself going in for this either. Deftones are the only other band so far I like, and unfortunately Download caters more towards the beer-swilling, unwashed metalkind than my tastes, so I can’t see it getting that much better. That said, last year they rocked Faith No More, Meshuggah and Opeth, and past years have seen Tool, Between the Buried and Me and SikTh. I’m not saying there’s nothing good, but the delights are few and far between, and they also do things like headlining My Chemical Romance, and give bands like Enter Shi(t)kari and Bring me the Horizon stage time, when let’s be honest, a smack on the nose with a rolled-up paper is much more deserved. Amiright?

Sorry if you like those bands. No, really – it must be terrible having your condition…

That’s all, anyway. I’m feeling bitter, which may go some way to explaining the tone of this post. There is a glimmer of hope, however. This means that Dillinger will be in the UK again this year, and a little bird tells me they might have some new tunes out sometime in the next couple of months?


If there isn’t one I’m gonna break Puciato’s legs. Yes I’m only 140 pounds, but I can take ‘im, just watch me!

– CG

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