Devin Townsend apparently talked to Blabbermouth about his future plans. It’s a long read, so I’m not gonna paste the whole thing here, just this little gem:

“Then, we go to Europe for a mess of high-profile festivals, interspersed with headline shows and… a special, one-off world exclusive of the ‘Ziltoid’ album in its entirety at the Tuska festival in Finland.


I really really really really REALLY hope that this is either simulcast online or filmed for a DVD. Oh man, that’s so awesome. Damned European festivals. We don’t get that awesome shit over here across the pond. Sure, we have fests like Bonnaroo, but it’s mostly hipster stuff. No Download, Rock am Ring, Wacken, and the like for us. Bummer.

If you can go to this, take some damn footage so we can live vicariously through you.

Here’s Devin & Co. playing “By Your Command” on their recent tour supporting Between The Buried And Me:


Now, I told you that news to tell you another story from the post:

Next Devin Townsend Project Albums Not Out Till 2011?

Oh, motherfucker.

‘Deconstruction’ and ‘Ghost’ are basically finished, and the musicians are for the most part lined up, but I’m one thing at a time and I’m currently focusing on making the live shows as good as they can be, but when the October tour is done, I’m putting three months aside for these albums…and hopefully they will be released simultaneously next May.

‘Deconstruction’ is truly a ‘tour-de-force’ and ‘Ghost’ is the perfect complement, but until I get time they are archived in notes and awaiting the moment.

At first I was hoping he meant THIS May, but judging by the context in reference to October, it looks like we won’t be getting new Devin Townsend Project this year after all.


– JR


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