I was all kinds of disappoint when experimental metalcore/mathcore band The Number Twelve Looks Like You recently called it quits.  Worse Than Alone was a stellar album and it made fifth place in my top-10 list for best albums of 2009. Way to go out on top of your game.

So now that the guys in #12 have parted ways, the members are bound to find new projects eventually. Drummer Jon Karel is now handling drumming duties for Canadian mathcore/Sumeriancore band Starring Janet Leigh.

Here’s what Jon had to say:

“As a long time lover of Canadian death metal, I’m honored to be invited into Starring Janet Leigh. With such a high caliber of dedication and musicianship, I’ll have no problem exploring and expanding my potential as a drummer. Jon Karel + SJL Vs. the world!”

Before this, I had never heard of Starring Janet Leigh. Apparently I’ve been missing out because this band is great. I’m definitely going to check out more of their work. Here’s a video for their song “Ex You” from last year’s Spectrum. I can’t believe this was missed by my radar.


– JR

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