Howard Jones had to leave the current Killswitch Engage tour for some reason (“unforeseen circumstances”). Instead of straight up canceling the tour like some bands would, KsE tap long tome bro in metal Phil Labonte of All That Remains.

Word on the street says Howard has had some kind of injury. But in the mean time, I think Labonte is the perfect Phil in (no more Phil puns–promise). He has a good voice, he’s friends with the band, and All That Remains is a better (imo) version of Killswitch Engage, so it should be a pretty decent tour for what it is.

Phil spoke of the situation on Twitter:

Yep, I’m singing for KsE until HoJo gets better. Not sure how long it’ll be but I’m here till they don’t need me anymore.

So there’s that. Here’s some video of KsE and Phil performing “The End Of Heartache”


– JR

[credit for the headline goes to Blabbermouth user tomelwood]

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