And they’re already streaming a new song on their website?


I generally don’t care about Coheed and Cambria all that much, to be honest. “Welcome Home” is a classic song and they stole Dillinger Escape Plan co-founder Chris Pennie and, in my opinion, under-utilize him. That’s about all I can come up with about them worth noting, I suppose. I’m not saying they’re bad, but I’m just saying I don’t actually care enough to follow them all that much.

So Coheed’s new song “The Broken” is the first single off of their upcoming album, Year Of The Black Rainbow. It’s a pretty good track, although I don’t see how they’re a progressive rock band. It seems pretty straightforward to me. I guess their music sounds and feels like progressive music without actually BEING progressive in any way. I’m gonna call them psuedo-prog from now on.

Listen to the new song here and you can either dig it or shrug your shoulders. Year Of The Black Rainbow comes out April 13.

– JR


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