Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m hilarious…

Yet another one of those bands I came to way too late (i.e. after they broke up), Mare played a unique mix of uber-sludgy doom with part haunting falsetto, part ball-achingly screechtastic vocals from Tyler Semrick-Palmateer (vocalist for The End on Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient). Caleb Collins of Circle Takes the Square handled drums, and there was…urm…some dude on bass.

They only put out one EP before going to the great gig in the sky (re: Crydebris, Push Me Under, a load of more obvious bands I’m probably forgetting) but it got them signed to Hydrahead. They announced the split three years ago this month, but I just got wind of a one-off reunion show they played in Mississauga, Ontario last summer. Some thoughtful guy thought to film it and whack that shit on YouTube: +10 internets for him. The audio quality is pretty damn good, too, and there are some flashy song titles if you didn’t already know them.

Check the related videos for the rest of the set. It’s good.


– CG

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