Sup guys! I’m Tyler or mostly known as ECDEU! I will be helping out with posting here at HBIB until I begin to notice what type of a dump I am in and come to my senses and leave to my home. No, seriously, I just wanted to help out these guys because they had put on the side of the website that they were looking for contributors and I was bored. But since I already post about metal at my main blog with GroverXIII, spna15, and demigodraven, I decided to do something a bit different here: post about anything other than metal. I am honestly just running with this as I type but I decided to be on the lookout for non-metal things that are partly interesting and to give you guys my two cents on them. No matter if you care or not. Also, have you heard of my other blog?????

Enough with the pointless plugs (but seriously), now onto my first topic here: Reality Shows.

We all watch them. If you have had a TV in the past 5 years in front or around you, you have at least glanced upon one of these ravishing beasts. They have become a kind of guilty pleasure for me. After a long day at school or on a Friday night not doing anything, (I must do this a lot then) I tend to find myself searching the channels between midnight and two and the only thing on are these reruns of reality shows. After a few nights of that, I find myself going to the VH1 and MTV (because having “Music” in your name means nothing) section of the Guide and actually searching for one of these suckers. They truly kill me. The drama, the random sex, the girls, the fighting, the… everything! It has the perfect formula for perfect TV. Which is probably why it is pretty easy to notice that they all play out exactly the same. But even with the monotonous story lines, they eat me up and then spit me out. Oh, and the reunion shows! It’s perfect!

But why do we watch these shows? First off, they are nothing like reality. Brett Michaels doesn’t grab 20 random whores and brings them into his fancy house and then gives each one time to bang him and the one with the less bang gets the less buck… out of his pocket (Zing!). Wait, this might actually happen, but you get the point! This doesn’t usually happen. But even if they were even close to reality, why would we watch them? We get 24 hours of reality everyday. We should just film ourselves and then re-watch it at the end of the day. Less expensive and you don’t have to deal with the pointless commercials.

But even with this in mind, people are eating this up. The person who thought of this is probably sitting in an office with the walls made of 72″ screen TVs in the Himalayas, just laughing. Every show is exactly the same yet we spend hours waiting for the season finales to come on and think about them constantly to try to figure out who will be eliminated next. AND, people are making careers out of searching for their “one true love”! Flavor Flav was in, I think,  four about him alone and then I think one that included other people! Then, one of the usual whores on his show, had her own show! Nobody knew about this chick before she went on to bang Flav and now she has a whole career set up!

This exact thing is illustrated in a novel that is one of my favorites of all time: Fahrenheit 451. A novel wrote by Ray Bradbury that tells the story of a fireman when firemen did not fight fires but instead started them to burn books, which are outlawed. But in the novel, Guy Montag(the main character)’s wife watches a TV all day and gets angry with Montag when ever he tries to talk to her. AND the TV covers up three of the room’s four walls and the shows are filmed to leave open dialog spaces for the people watching. They get a script in the mail and then when it comes time for them to speak, the actors on the tele let her speak. But the dialog is so generic and is almost exactly the same every time. This seems like the almost most logical next step for America.

I would like to take a survey. Who here knows Kim Kardashian? Now, who here knew of Kim before her familie’s show? Exactly. She gets movie deals all the time. People kiss her feet constantly. Why? Because she sat in a room and called other little rich girls who had their thongs stuck too far up their crack to be able to understand a normal conversation and why you would want to have one and so they started drama. Now she is one of the richest and most known people across the world.

This easy success is extremely tempting. Kids are now being bred to be reality stars. You guys, I’m sure, have heard of the “Bubble Kid”. A child was put into a bubble by his parents so that he could become a reality star. On John Stewart’s Daily Show, John Stewart talked about a man creating an all-white basketball league and that his goal of creating was so that he could create a reality show with his all-white playing against an all-black league. Wait, what! This is so outrageous! Is he the last racist person out there? I thought we got rid of this when we figured out that your douche baggery is not based on the amount of melon in your skin.

When I was a child, I looked up to sports stars and then in my teens I looked up to rock stars and whatnot. Role models are good but I fear that this next generation of kids’ role models will be Tila Tequila and Kendra Wilkinson.

In conclusion, is this just another harmless TV trend like the hidden camera show? I truly, truly, truly hope so. But I have a feeling that my worst fears will soon become true. What are your thoughts and feelings on the subject?



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