So a few weeks ago or whatever, Periphery announced the departure of singer Chris Baretto and the inclusion of new singer Spencer Sotelo. Well, yesterday, Haunted Shores, one of Periphery guitarist Misha “Bulb” Monsoor‘s music projects, announced that Chris Baretto will be handling vocal duties. Wut?

Chris and Haunted Shores guitarist Mark Holcomb

Well that’s weird. Clearly, Misha and Chris are still friends and want to work together, but randomly taking Chris out of Periphery and now him joining Haunted Shores? I wonder how that conversation went down.

“Hey bro, you’re a great singer and all…”
“We’re bros and shit, but… like… we found a better singer.”
“I know, I know… but this is our label debut and we want to make it sound as good as possible.”
“I don’t even.”
“Oh don’t worry, bro. Come over and hang out with us at Haunted Shores.”
“Well that’s kinda pointless. Why couldn’t you just put the new guy over there?”
“That’s not confusing enough.”

Yeah. That likely happened.

Anyway, the new Haunted Shores track “When In Oslo”, featuring Baretto on vocals, sounds great. Go listen to it on the HS Myspace. This is gonna be good.

– JR

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