I used to be way into this whole melodic death metal/modern metal/metalcore thing. But much like everyone else who’s deep into metal, it got old in a few short years thanks to all the knockoffs and copycats. Scene kids pick up their guitars and play a few Gothenburg riffs and suddenly they’re a metal band (I’m looking at you, Atreyu and The Devil Wears Prada).

Well let’s put these asshats aside and take a look at one of the bands that did that shit well: Soilwork.

Soilwork are currently in the studio recording their upcoming effort The Panic Broadcast, and they’re letting the fans (and the haters for that matter) watch the recording process on UStream. They’ll announce on their Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter when they plan on broadcasting, which will be throughout February and March.

If you missed the first stream, like me (due to lack of interest), then you can watch them on UStream and Youtube. Below is a video from what I assume is cut up from the stream, featuring drum tracking. Even the drumming sounds melodic.


I’ll have to check out The Panic Broadcast. I hope it isn’t as tired and boring as a large majority of this genre has been getting.

– JR


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