The only thing I cared about is their cover of “Cars” with Gary Numan. The rest is just meh. I know they were influential and whatever, but I honestly don’t get why everyone’s popping e-boners over the “reunion”. I’ll just listen to Strapping Young Lad (which features half of the members of the current FF lineup) and Meshuggah, who did that whole industrial death metal/chuggy thing better, if you can call Fear Factory death metal.

Not only is the sound generally aged and boring, but to listen you have to navigate through the clunkiest site I’ve had to endure in a long while. You need a Facebook account to listen, and you have to unlock tracks by leaving comments spamming your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I listened to opening track “Mechanize” and gave up, because fuck that noise. Snap judgments are too damn easy.

If you still care, here it is. Meh.

– JR


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