This is the start of a new weekly column on Heavy Blog. Every Monday, we’ll give you a rundown of the albums coming out this week. If we happen to miss one, be a dude and tell us in the comments section!


  • Absu – Absu [Deluxe Edition] (Candlelight Records)
  • Alesana – The Emptiness (Fearless)
  • ASPERA – Ripples (Inside Out)
  • Dark Age – Acedia (AFM)
  • Dark Funeral – Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus (Regain)
  • Dream Evil – In The Night (Century Media)
  • Free Reign – Tragedy (Riot)
  • Green Carnation – Alive and Well in Krakow (Metal Mind)
  • Ihsahn – After (Candlelight)
  • Living Sacrifice – The Infinite Order (Solid State)
  • Manimal – The Darkest Room (AFM)
  • Mnemic – Sons Of The System (Nuclear Blast)
  • Mob Rules – Radical Peace (AFM)
  • Myrath – Desert Call (Nightmare)
  • Suicidal Tendencies – Live At The Olympic Auditorium [DVD] (Suicidal)
  • Taking Dawn – Time To Burn (Roadrunner)

Have a good week, fellas.

– JR


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