This goes out to the guy who yelled to turn the bass down. What kinda fuckin’ show do you think this is?”

So that was Glassjaw. Six years, £18 [roughly $30 for us American folk – Ed.] and three hours travel, and finally, FINALLY, I get to see them.

Glassjaw have had a hard time of playing in the UK. Their first tour over here, back in October 2002, was postponed due to Daryl Palumbo’s ill health. The rescheduled shows that December were also canceled, and then four shows into the tour the following April, Palumbo relapsed once again. That’s a lot of disappointed fans.

Basically, you take any opportunity you can get to see Glassjaw over here, and so when they announced a run of headline shows ahead of their support slot for Brand New at Wembley, I literally jumped at the chance.

A lot of the songs you could probably predict (stand-outs included John Lennon, Ape Dos Mil, Two Tabs of Mescaline, and Pretty Lush), but there was a healthy slice of juicy exclusivity. I nearly screamed like a girl when the drummer started playing the intro from El Mark, which Daryl informed us was the first time they had ever played it live, ten mighty years since it was written. They also played a brand new song entitled ‘All Good Junkies Go To Heaven’, which was met with a very healthy response.


I came away sore, soaked and smiling. So was it worth it after all this time? Well, yes, of course, but my one small gripe was the lack of support act. The rest of the UK got Pulled Apart by Horses and one of my favourite up-and-comers, Shapes, so why no love for Portsmouth?

But fuck it; it was a hiccup in paradise. Euphoria’s endearing, so I’ll let them off.

Thinly-veiled Glassjaw lyric-references over. Promise.

4/5 | B

– CG

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