Experimental metalcore/mathcore band Heavy Heavy Low Low have recently announced that a new EP, titled Hospital Bomber, has been recorded and is due out for release in April 20th, coinciding with 4/20. Pretty convenient, considering the members of this band smoke like freight trains.

From HHLL’s MySpace:

Hey you little turds,

Some of you already know this from watching the ustream that Mr. Sam Pura hosted, but we’re finally done recording our EP or whatever you wanna call it. It’s called HOSPITAL BOMBER and it contains 4 songs full of disturbing subject matter and talented weirdo musicianship. We will be putting it out on CD (does anyone even buy those fuckers?) and on a one sided 7″ through Twelve Gauge Records and hopefully but doubtfully play a record release show for it. If not maybe we’ll do one of those creepy listening parties that some groups do.
Anyway, I thought I had a lot more to say about this shit.. I don’t wanna be one of those stupid bands that boasts about how much “darker” or “deep” our new record is but I will say that it was fun to make and it’s not similar to any of our previous albums.
1. je suis une âme solitaire
2. customary impurity
3. meat hole
4. we incompetent sperm

HHLL are a fairly polarizing band, based on my experience of them so far. I seem to be one of the few on the middle ground. Everyone else is all “OMG SO SICKKKK” or “WUT A BUNCH OF FAGGOTS”. Some of their stuff has me going “Yeah, awesome!” and some other stuff, well… eh. Regardless, I’ll be checking this out.

– JR

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