Spawning from Auburn, Californa Dismal Lapse are a technical death metal band who have just put out their first full length titled Eon Fragmentation. For the most part, it’s pretty straight forward technical death metal. If I had to describe their sound from other bands they’d be between Necrophagist and Severed Savior. There are some rare appearances by jazz influenced and clean sections here and there, but overall it’s just killer technical death metal to remember. The riffs don’t get lost in over-technicality and it’s quite head bangable if you catch my drift. Since this is a debut by a not so well known band, I figure some details are in order. The band is a three piece with Chris Banrum on drums/vocals, Jason Brehm on bass, and Evan Gravatt on guitar. A big sound for a three piece band. The guitar grinds, and the bass is fragile, smooth, yet still heavy. Chris Banrum blasts away keeping the album steady while delivering an excellent vocal performance. This album is just really solid material, and I’d listen to it any day before some shitty ass “prog” that’s really just wank in disguise.



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