I have no idea if he’s exaggerating or just pulling our legs, but Devin Townsend unveiled the concept behind the third DTP record Deconstruct.


Devin Townsend Project has currently run through the course of two of the albums and we’re doing Deconstruction now, which is a really savage record. Like, I mean it’s unhealthy, right? The whole idea of this whole project is like deconstruction. Let’s take apart why you wanna play deconstructive music. Like, what is it inherently in human nature that makes us feel like, compelled to feed our own guilt by doing things that are self destructive, right? So, Deconstruction like, just goes through it all. Like, there’s sex and drugs, and ya know, metal, and destruction and chaos, and God and death and all that shit. And at the end of it the guy realizes, he’s like, so arrogant, that he believes on some level that he’s capable of understanding the secrets of the universe. So the universe is all like “Okay, dude. Here ya go, man. Here’s the secrets of the universe.” And they show him it, and there’s like a choir singing and everything. And it’s a cheeseburger. He gets shown a cheeseburger. [audience laughter]

And like, so basically his whole trip is like, you know the choir is going all, “TWO ALL BEEF PATTIES, SPECIAL SAUCE, LETTUCE, CHEESE…” [more laughter] And like an orchestra and the whole works. And he’s looking at it all “Wait a minute, so… I’ve been busting my brain trying to figure this out, and it’s like, basically anything you look at, you can figure out the answer in anything?” And he’s like, “Man, I got a headache. And I’m a vegetarian. I don’t even want cheese, man.” [laughter]

So in the last record, tentatively titled Ghost, he goes to the beach and starts to play an acoustic guitar with his buddies, right? Cause he realizes that life’s to short to pretend you’re smart enough to understand anything other than, you know, how to poop in the morning, right?”

Well, like I said earlier today, Devin’s a crazy, funny character. Devin coming up with a story this bonkers and deep at the same time shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but it’s kind of out of left field as well. I expected DTP to be a more serious venture, but I’m all for laughing at cosmic cheeseburgers while listening to my metal.

Deconstruct is due out some point this year. I HOPE IT IS SOON.

– JR

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