If you aren’t familiar with the band Aborted for some stupid reason, they were a generic death metal/goregrind band that put out some pretty good material in their early career (the albums Purity of Perversion and Engineering their dead mostly).  Their later work is just pseudo core metal on the edge of deathcore. Also known as, it’s terrible. I heard rumors their new EP Coronary Reconstruction was actually good. False as Mastodon’s Crack the Skye.

I’ve been waiting for Aborted to hopefully make a turn back to their old roots, and I was promised that with this.  It’s not even close, but I can see some hope in there still. It’s the same thing over and over, no memorable songs or riffs at all. The production is pretty damn crap too. This isn’t much of an in depth review, because this album doesn’t have enough depth to it to drown someone.  Eugh.

One decent band turned shitty, out of five.


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