Okay, so I went to the tour Monday and after standing in line for too long I got in slightly late for Scale the Summit’s set. I believe I missed one or two songs. Anyway, they did great but whatever we have more important bands to talk about. Since I knew Devy and Cynic were coming up I pushed my way to the front. Devin’s set started up with probably 20 minutes of sound problems because of the tool on the house soundboard. To pass the time Devin got on the microphone and made conversation with the audience. By conversation, I mean making a total fool of himself in front of a crowd of people. Hilariously, I might add. The set opened with Disruptr from Ki and ended with By Your Command from ZTO. The whole set list was awesome, except for the lack of Hyperdrive. Despite Devin claiming complete awkwardness on stage he was VERY intense, especially for By Your Command. The whole band was pretty precise as far as I noticed. The same goes for Cynic, I didn’t notice a missed note and their presence was really enthralling. Very dense atmosphere and inbetween certain songs they played samples that were a cross between a self help seminar and a philosophy class. To be at a concert for both DT and Cynic is pretty crazy, considering their legendary status and how much I love them both. Between the Buried and Me were pretty disappointing, a completely average performance. Just a lot of standing and “Lets play this absolutely correct, fuck entertainment.” but also being preceded by two bands with much more widely appreciated live performances was silly anyway, but the scene kids won’t even notice so whatever.

A 5/5 concert since DTP and Cynic picked up the slack, a lot.

– MW

P.S., watch out for me rockin’ my Cynic hoody and DTP Addicted shirt.

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