Remember when I said “Frost Hammer” had to be the cheesiest metal song title of the year so far, and that the song would most likely make up for it?

Well I was right. The song slays!

Stereogum is streaming High on Fire‘s new song “Frost Hammer” exclusively here. Sounds like High on Fire, but that’s expected. Although, vocals around 3:40? Totally Alice in Chains.

So this tasty jam is off of their upcoming fifth album, Tentacle Rape Snakes for the Divine, which is out February 23rd on E1 Records.

Tracklist is after the jump,  because it doesn’t need to be on the front page twice.

– JR

01. Snakes for the Divine
02. Frost Hammer
03. Bastard Samurai
04. Ghost Neck
05. Fire, Flood & Plague
06. How Dark We Pray
07. Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter
08. Mystery of Helm

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