Not the same Sebastian Bach, but definitely more metal.

Earlier this month, some old woman named Sebastian Bach gave an interview to some radio show called “The Paulie Z Show”. The audio to which can be heard here, (but why would you want to, m i rite?). I don’t know where to begin with this, so I’m just going to add my commentary in the transcript [just like this, as if you couldn’t figure it out on your own].

I have my own label, Get Off My Bach, [I literally groaned when I read this. Ugh.] which is distributed through EMI, and we sold about 200,000 [copies] worldwide of [Bach’s latest solo album] ‘Angel Down’ so far, which is recouped from this little record company that I work with. I’d like to be on a way bigger label and all that, but I can’t control things like that.

Just to paint a picture for everybody, Jason Flom [former A&R rep at Atlantic Records] signed Skid Row and a million other bands. He’s the guy who signed us. He also got me on Broadway. He’s always been there for me [apparently not]. He has this thing in his contract where he gets this thing called the first right of refusal on anything that I do [smart move], and that’s for the rest of my life. So whenever I make a CD, he gets it first. He got ‘Angel Down’ first and he passed on it [again… smart move]. He gave it to Jack Ponti at MRV [Merovingian Music, Ltd.], who signed it. Now that was a very cool thing for him to do. But the fans should know that Jason Flom passed on me, Sebastian Bach [“DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM?! EIGHTEEN AND LIFE?!?! VH1?!?!”], with Axl Rose [you act like this would make it sound good] on a record and then he put out Steel Panther. (Laughs) I just want people to realize that — this same guy who says no to Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose together on record — ‘No. No, thanks.’ — he says yes to a bunch of fucking goofs, clowns, comedy guys. He says yes to them. [That’s because Steel Panther is tongue in cheek. That’s like wondering why so many people watch The Colbert Report when they could watch The O’Reilly Factor. Their music is cheesy on purpose. Yours just happens to be that way. There’s a difference. Besides, their music is better than the same old shit you’ve been putting out anyway.]

I know I’m just a youngin’. I wasn’t alive when Skid Row got big, so I’m definitely no primary source about how big they were or how things worked back then. However, I do know that things change; People stop caring about past musical trends. This is nothing new. The industry is floundering in this era. This seems to be a classic case of a washed up rock star wanting the limelight back and being generally butthurt about how things work these days. I mean, the only Sebastian Bach fans I know of are generally older and in it for nostalgia and/or irony. I can’t imagine there being a big demand for him to put out more music, so I don’t blame Mr. Flome for skipping over Sebastian’s solo effort.

Baz, drop the industry and do it independently. You’ll be much happier doing it your own way. Get with the times. You don’t need a label. GET OUT WHEN YOU CAN.

– JR


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