Currently out on tour in support of Between The Buried And Me, Devin Townsend performed his first show in about four years.

Whew…first show over. Hard… fun though! Trying to figure out what to do with myself onstage. Just want to be still and play properly… Folks expect different, but again…first show in 4 years. Forgot to take the price tag off my suit! I really enjoy being out again… Thanks for being understanding of the immense learning curve. Peace friends!

Devin Townsend (via Twitter)

Oh how I wish I could make it to this show. Despite the semi-awkward absence of Anneke (as seen in the above video) and technical difficulties that leave Devin & Co playing along to a metronome, seeing Devin Townsend play would be something truly amazing to behold. Fuck the distractions, the music and the man behind it are right there. And surely, the show will only get better as him and his band get in the swing of things.

Mitch should be going to see The Great Misdirect Tour tonight, also featuring Scale The Summit and Cynic. Hopefully I can live vicariously through him.

– JR


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