Rumors have been spreading like wildfire over the last few years that claim Andrew WK is actually a hired actor under some sort of corporate agenda to create the perfect underground artist or what have you. Recently, AWK fired back at these rumors on his website and recorded a video [above].

“Since 2001, I have been accused of being part of a conspiracy in which I knowingly entered into a contract with creative directors called Steev Mike, who proceeded to invent a new identity for me to perform under. I’m here to say this is simply not true and a gross exaggeration of easily explainable and common-place music industry practices. Of course I work with people who choose not to include their whole names or real names in the credits, or who aren’t on stage with me during my shows – but taking advice and guidance from other people doesn’t mean I’m a victim of mind-control.

We’re working in a business where there are different ends and different means. No one controlled Frank Sinatra or told him how to sing. No secret group of managers has been telling someone like Jay-Z what to do or how to look. And no one tells me what to do, except me and the people who believe in me. I am a real person who thinks for himself and am not the victim of anyone or group of people trying to influence my career or life. I take responsibility for everything in my life, including who I work for and what happens to me because of it. Just because a person has mentors or advisers doesn’t mean they don’t have their own brain and soul. And just because I work with other people who advise me doesn’t mean that I am a puppet for an evil cult or a have some sort of master plan. I make party music – plain and simple.”

These lies have unfortunately been with me since my career started – critics were saying I had to be a fake puppet for the record industry because I appeared over night. These simple untrue allegations have grown over the years to the point now where I have to defend myself. I have done many interviews and talks where I have explained the nature of how I got into music, and I admitted that I did work with people. But people have still taken what I said and tried to call me a liar and a fake.”

Andrew is even holding a Town Hall style Q&A meeting to answer fan questions.

“Due to an overwhelming amount of questions regarding his career, his past, and his future, Santos Party House co-owner, Andrew W.K., has decided to offer himself to the people of New York City, for an evening of totally open inquiry.  This is a chance to ask Andrew anything, and he’ll certainly do his best to answer everything.  Have your questions in mind and come on down! This is a one-night-only event sure to get the PARTY going HARD!”

While I honestly doubt this will put an end to the rumors, it’s about time these accusations were addressed up front. I for one hope that these rumors are just exaggeration. I sincerely enjoy Andrew WK’s music and I admire his whole persona, super positive and motivational. To me, it would be like finding out that Santa isn’t real. I would be seriously bummed out.

Andrew finishes his official statement by saying:

“I have always admitted that I worked with people and I have confessed that time and time again, even if the critics twisted what I said. I did this hoping it would quiet people up and put an end to all the speculation and exaggeration. I was never an actor and the partnerships I made with friends, family, and the companies I’ve worked with have all been to promote entertainment, excitement, and fun – to give people something fun to focus on and to occupy our thoughts, instead of a bunch of fear or negativity.
I will always keep my focus where it matters most:
1) On being grateful for the incredible people who believe in the feeling I work to create
2) And on that magical feeling itself: BEING ALIVE!
Long live music and long live life. PARTY HARD!”
– Andrew W.K.

So that takes care of that, at least I hope.

– JR

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