Devin Townsend and his band are gearing up for the upcoming The Great Misdirect Tour, featuring Between The Buried And Me, Cynic, and Scale The Summit, which starts this month. Devin Townsend uploaded a video featuring clips from reheasals.

Here’s a short clip of a DTP rehearsal, no overdubs, no fixes. We plan to have a choir for the tours coming up after January to cover the background vocals. My plan was ALWAYS to make the live experience tight, and like the record (with a few surprises…) This was our first take of By Your Command that day.

I am thrilled to be able to come play for you, thank you for allowing me to continue doing whatever it is I do. I believe now is the start of it all, What I want to do is pretty epic in terms of live concerts, I think my dissatisfaction with shows in the past is that I want to see and provide people with an EVENT, a spectacle… and the music is the soundtrack to the experience. First things first is getting the new band tight and disciplined, we’re ready to play this first tour (our first one) with BTBAM, Cynic, and Scale The Summit. When I complete ‘Deconstruction’ I believe we’ll have every musical base covered to make a heck of a statement.

Have a great new year folks, keep it strong, keep it brutal. Keep it quiet, keep it gentle.


Here’s a clip of “By Your Command” from Ziltoid: The Omniscient. Their playing sounds amazing. No doubt they’ll put on a hell of a show.


– JR

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