Farewell, Mona Lisa, the new single from Dillinger Escape Plan off of their upcoming album Option Paralysis surfaced this weekend. One gracious fan from the official DEP forums recorded the song’s debut from Sirius’ Liquid Metal and uploaded it for all to hear. The quality is pretty low, but it’s good enough to hear what’s going on. Thank you, kind stranger.

Mitch says it sounds like Ire Works and was unimpressed. I, however, am happy to hear some more of the general Pattony weirdness from Irony Is A Dead Scene thrown in. But he was right, it sounds sort of like Ire Works material. But to me, that’s not such a bad thing. Ire Works is a masterpiece. Option Paralysis is said to be the longest DEP album to date at around 45 minutes, so there’s room for more Dillinger zaniness to unfold.

Option Paralysis will no doubt be one of the best albums to come out next year. It comes out March 23.


– JR


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