And I’m not talking about Blue Record, as strange as that may be. The online metal community is putting BaronessBlue Record up on a pedestal. I admit that it is a righteous record, but I’ll go on record right now saying that it just doesn’t live up to the hype that has been painted all over it. Sure, it’s great artsy, sludgy metal, but it’s missing something. And for the longest time I just couldn’t put my finger on it what it was. It just didn’t really feed my hunger quite like Red Album did.

But today I was reminded via a twitter update what I’ve been longing for:


Nothing in Blue Record seemed to hit this level of euphoria that Wanderlust pulls the listener into during it’s bridge. I’m not saying Baroness should have made the same record twice; I hate when bands do that. It’s just that I don’t get the same feeling I get when I hear Wanderlust.

So, I guess that’s why you most likely won’t catch Baroness on my Best of 09 list, coming later this week. It’s good, sure. But you other bloggers need to get off Baroness’ nuts.

– JR

(PS, I avoided an obvious Blue Balls joke. Be grateful.)


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