That Phonogetic Records thing was not true, as most of us already know. But now it looks like the Dillinger label that guitarist Ben Weinman was talking about will be called Party Smasher Inc., named after a killer song from 2007’s Ire Works.

Party Smasher Inc. is the “official creative umbrella” for everything DEP related. Ben had this to say:

“After over a decade of touring and making music we have realized that there is the right way of doing things, the wrong way of doing things, and then the Dillinger way of doing things. Party Smasher Inc. will represent our collected efforts on all things Dillinger-related.”

Sounds pretty awesome to me. Their new album Option Paralysis is in the works and will be due out by early 2010 on Season Of Mist records (in association with Party Smasher Inc. of course).

– JR

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