Mordechai Von Renvaktar (Or Jonas Renvaktar, if your head isnt stuck up your ass) of Swedish technical death metal outfit Spawn of Possession, has left the band and issued this following statement:

“I have been forced to leave my duties in Spawn of Posession to fully concentrate on the ongoing war against the sun-worshippers and to intensify my fight for eternal winter together with my brothers in Istapp. The war is expanding and I’m needed for the battle same as you. Our horde grows stronger by the minute and you all have to choose side. You are with us or you are not at all.”

I’m reading this and thinking, “this guy can’t be serious.” How lame is this? It’s like everyone in Europe is trying to make metal out to be this super serious and epic thing. Oh, those silly Swedes.

I hope their next vocalist delivers.

– JR


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