So I was busy today helping a local group featuring some friends of mine record a demo, which is why there’s been no updates for today. The band is called Victim’s Respect and they are from Pikeville, KY. Most of the band are still in high school, so I expect them to grow and just get better with time.

I produced the track and mixed it. It’s a SUPER ROUGH DEMO, so don’t expect too much pizazz. It was recorded in a dirty basement in just a few hours and we made do with what we have, which was basically just my laptop and an old microphone. I’m just getting their music out there for people to hear. They’ve got this melodic death metal/metalcore influence that I really dig. Check out their first demo below and download an mp3. If you like it, comment this blog. If not, go suck a dick.

Victim’s Respect is:

Nate (Vocals)
Jay (Lead Guitar)
Mikey (Drums)
Jordan (Bass)
Dan (Guitar)

Victim’s Respect – Tears of Redemption [Demo] Version 2

Victim’s Respect – Tears of Redemption [Instrumental]


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