The album’s been out forever it seems, but as being the best metal album that has came out so far this year, then I feel obligated to review it, but I’m gonna make it fast.

There’s no denying it, Mastodon‘s musical direction has changed for this album. I believe it’s for the best. Crack the Skye is Mastodon’s opus, a progressive rock masterpiece. The album isn’t as heavy or as fast as their past albums, but that isn’t bad at all when the musicianship and songwriting is this grand.

Just like a prog album should, the album feels like one large cohesive piece and the songs flow logically throughout. Each songs take on that similar tone, feeling, and atmosphere. The album has a slower and more psychedelic feel to it than you would expect from a Mastodon record. Right from the get-go, we know this album is wonderfully different. Harsh vocals are few and far between. Well written vocal melodies and harmonies (?!) make this album shine like a gem. The choruses to some of these songs are tastefully catchy and make the album very memorable.

The riffs are crushing, powerful, and catchy all in one. The soaring vocal melodies are often accompanied by kickass guitar licks, as in the chorus of Divinations and the fast section in The Czar, the latter being my favorite moment in the album. Nothing gets me pumped up more than that part. I feel like I can take on the world, but I digress. The solos are exactly how they should be. No solo sounds out of place or forced. Each song progresses naturally into it’s own being.

I could go on and on, but I’ll let the album speak for itself. This album may take a while to get used to for old school Mastodon fans. I’ve heard in some circles that this is a grower. To me, this is a classic record that needs to be heard by everyone who is into progressive or heavy music. This album is perfect, timeless, and fucking amazing!


HBIH star-ratingHBIH star-ratingHBIH star-ratingHBIH star-ratingHBIH star-rating 5/5!

– JR


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