Nothing gets my pants tighter than hearing about news regarding a new Dillinger release. The Dillinger Escape Plan has signed a deal with Season Of Mist Records, joining it’s roster of bands including Cynic, Gorguts, and Mayhem. The upcoming album will be released in early 2010 in collaboration with the band’s brand new label, Phonogetic Records, which is to be announced.

When describing the sound the new Dillinger album to Rock Sound Magazine, guitarist and mastermind Ben Weinman had this to say:

“The new songs sound dark and evil,” he stated. “Very early ’90s thrash-influenced.

“Lately I have been realizing the purpose of why I started Dillinger all those years ago. It was to make people truly uncomfortable and to make them not feel accepting of what is happening in their surroundings. When I was growing up, I discovered metal and it interested me, I liked that it was dark and talked about the fact that the world is not all puppy dogs and ice cream cones. But then it just got ridiculous, humourous. I look at black metal bands and they are supposed to be so evil. But it’s not real. It’s about fiction. About goblins and the gates of hell; pretty much a bad horror movie.

“The music we are writing is influenced by the feelings I get when I hear and see the real evils of this world. Horrible things that make me really question if there is a God or not. This shit is not comfortable, the world is not comfortable, babies are getting raped in your town for God’s sake. Young girls are being sold as sex slaves, but most people sitting at their computers downloading music don’t want to know. They want to sit on a message board or play fantasy football while their mommy makes them a sandwich.”

The thought of a thrashed up version of Dillinger is pretty badass, methinks. I’m a little bummed that the album won’t be out till 2010, but it will be worth the wait. What a hell of a way to kick off a new decade.

Late last night, Ben Weinman signed onto the official DEP message board and answered questions. Check out some of the more important questions below, after the jump.

Q: Will you ever make tabs to your songs?

A: I don’t think I will ever personally make tabs. I have turned down some tab books and instructional video offers. I’m not really into that kind of thing. I really think its great that people are out there tabbing this stuff though and figuring it out.

Q: In the past, you guys have put out some pretty awesome vinyl. Now that you’re splitting from Relapse are there any plans for the new record on wax? And aesthetically speaking, what has been your favorite DEP release?

A: Yeah we will do more cool stuff like that. The packaging for the next record is going to be out of control. Just wait till you see it.

Ire works is up there I have to say. Everyone is special in it’s own way. Kind of like ex girlfriends or some shit. Got to love all them different titties

Q: Any stand out elements in the new album such as the more electronic feel of Ire Works?

A: So far what stands out is the more metal note choice. Very thrash. But still Dillinger if that makes any sense. I’m sure some of my electronic or piano oriented stuff may make an appearance. Billy’s pissed off aggressive playing is def pushing things. I can’t wait to hear what Greg does with this stuff though. I’m sure he is going to be on another level. He is ready to explode.

Q: Faith No More and DEP tour. Make it happen, brah!

A: Faith No More asked us to play their headline shows in Europe but we cant do it. I want to shoot myself in the tip of my dick. Maybe we can get on some later this summer or in the fall if they do anymore.

Q: I heard the dudes from Meshuggah taught you to program drums with DFH and Cubase. Are you writing the drum parts for the new stuff yourself, or are you letting Rymer do it?

A: They didn’t teach me to use it but introduced me to the program and answered a few questions for me. Those guys are next level man. I have been writing a lot of the drum parts but Rymer is starting to pull some shit out that is ridiculous and his drum and bass type playing is adding some insane elements to our sound. He is much more aggressive then any drummer we have ever played with and I can’t even believe how quickly he is learning the beats I have given him. We are super lucky to have found him.

Q: I doubt you know this yet, but will there be any guest vocalists on this record like there was on Ire Works?

A: Probably will be.

Q: Are you sticking with Steve Evetts? Have you written any new material that will be played in the upcoming tour?

A: Steve is scheduled to do the record unless he cant for some reason. Then I will probably just do it myself. At the moment not everyone has heard the new songs so not sure if we can get them going fast enough to play but maybe.

Q: Has your full vision of Dillinger come to fruition yet or are we just hitting the tip of the iceberg?

A: I take Dillinger day by day. I’m pretty happy with what we have done. Not every song has always come out exactly the way I wanted and we have not always made the right decisions along the way, but I can say that we have pretty much maintained an overall ethic that I’m very proud of.

Q: On this album, will there be catchy songs like on Ire Works?

A: Haven’t really gotten to that point yet. I always have a lot of that stuff already written in my head and then its just a matter of whether we use it or not. At the moment everything sounds the very opposite of catchy.

Q: Will you post the demos or Greg’s audition tape?

A: No. Greg called me first thing this morning and asked me if i lost my mind. You will see some practice footage videos soon though with us jamming and probably breaking shit in my house.

Q: Any mustache growing advice? I’m just not getting it down.

A: I am not a hairy man. More like a man boy actually. All our bass players have been very hairy. Adam actually could look like a werewolf if he didn’t shave and painted his nose black. Sometimes I think Liam is wearing a fur coat when he has his shirt off but then I realize he is vegan. Me… I’m just too busy to shave.

– JR

EDIT: Turns out Phonogetic Records is a label under RCA. Ben says that Phonogetic is not their label. The name is soon to be announced.

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