Two HevyDevy news posts in a row. It’s a good day.

Today while reading his twitter account, I saw that Dev released three bonus tracks from the Ki sessions on Bittorrent which features a b-side, a 15+ minute jam session, and Dev testing out his equipment. He actually did this a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t find any other place that had it available. Here’s what Dev had to say:

“Hey folks!  Dev here…here’s three tracks for ya. I think they’re cool, but theyre just ‘bonus’ stuff for Ki…take em, love em, hate em, burn a disk and enjoy…(or not)

Track 1) SYNCHRONICITY FREAKS: This is the first song I wrote for Ki, didn’t end up quite right though…I like it and it’s cool to hear (I think) It’s unmastered.

Track 2) KI JAM: This is Me, Jean and Duris kind of jamming in between takes while we were recording the album…yup. It’s unmastered too.

Track 3) TESTING SOME FENDER TOYS: This was a sunny afternoon and I’m just messing around with clean sounds and different pickups. It was a Fender 57 Twin reissue with some Mullards, My EJ strat, and a Keeley compressor. Echos were after the fact. Aaaand, unmastered. Get yer wank on.

Theres lots more stuff I’ll put up here in the next month or so. Music is life, thanks for letting me continue to do it!


How nice of him! I downloaded the .wavs from the torrent and converted them to mp3 for all of you who want them. Spread the word and support The Devin Townsend Project!

1. Synchronicity Freaks

2. Oodles of Noodles (Ki Jam)

3. Testing Fender Gear

These are definitely interesting tracks. Make sure you pick up Ki when it comes out June 19th in the USA. It’s actually worth paying money for.

– JR


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