Xerath are a prog metal quartet from good ol’ mother England. They’ve been chugging their way to a deal with candlelight records and have finally released their debut album ” I “ which is available now. This band fuses Meshuggah style chug riffs, with harsh thrash like vocals and a heavy orchestral back ground. They dub themselves filmscore metal, or chugscore due to the fact that they sound like an action movie score. Not everything is a chug, so don’t worry. You’re not going to get constant triplets and odd timings for 12 songs. They have traditional riffs, squealing pinches and solos and all that fancy stuff that all you fancy people like. I haven’t heard the album yet, only the songs on their myspace titled “False History” and “Reform I” which are fantastic and lead me to promote this album. They’ll have shirts coming out soon, and as I said the album is out now so hop in your lorry and grab a whole load of these and give me a copy.

Xerath at myspace:

Buy record at Plastic Head distro.:


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