I am back, most likely temporarily from my absence. I’ve been having computer troubles and haven’t found the source, so here’s my review of the new BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.  Monoliths & Dimensions is the new release by the widely known Sunn O))). This new album both takes the band further into obscurity, and farther from it. In other words it evens out. It’s a completely fresh new release from a band known for only making heavy atmospheric music. It adds beautiful orchestral sections, and sections that are just bizarre and noisy and reminiscent of John Zorn’s dark ambient orchestral albums. The last track “Alice” is hardly a Sunn O))) track at all, and is very well made. If you didn’t like them before, listen to this. If you liked them before, listen to this, obviously.

Four droning Gibson Les Pauls, out of five.


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