Job For A Cowboy‘s music never really stuck out to me all that much. I’m not saying it’s bad (although I’m sure Mitch would), I’m just saying it doesn’t appeal to me all that much. I saw them live last summer on Gigantour and they seemed pretty competent performing live. Sadly, I just wasn’t that into it. They kinda fell flat after High On Fire’s energy and I was waiting on Children of Bodom and In Flames to come on after them. Bad timing, I guess.

So anyway, given my pretty neutral opinion of JFAC, I must say their album artwork has always been pretty amazing. Behold, album art of Ruination, in stores July 7th on Metal Blade Records, as created by artist Brent Elliott White:

Want to hear a new song from the album? Check out “Constitutional Masturbation” after the jump.



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