I’ve known of Salt Lake City based progressive rock/hardcore/post-punk band Loom for quite a while. In fact, they even sent a few tracks from their new album to me via email last year. I thought it was good, but never really got into them much until recently. I must say, this is probably some of the most original music I’ve heard in a while. Maybe I’m just not used to hardcore music with violin and melodies as catchy as this. I don’t know. I just know that I dig it. A lot.

Selva Molhada is Loom’s first full length album. I’m not too good with describing things so I may be a tad off-base, but I could imagine getting Loom if you combined the sounds of Baroness, Dysrhythmia, and threw in a violin. This album sees a combination of sludgy riffs, dissonant guitar lines, violin harmonies, and occasionally shifting tempos and time signatures.

Vocals on this album are fantastic. Screamed raspy vocals are the main course here, but throughout the album, cleaner melodic singing and vocal harmonies make things stand out more. As I’ve said before, the vocals can get wonderfully catchy, but they are by no means poppy.

While reviewing this album, I’ve listened to it twice. It’s definitely a grower, begging multiple listens to pick up on things that may have flown by you without notice. Selva Molhada is on sale now for $10 at Loom’s webstore. I highly recommend it. This one will be one of the better releases for 2009, for sure.


HBIH star-ratingHBIH star-ratingHBIH star-ratingHBIH star-rating 4/5

Listen to more of Loom now on Myspace.



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