Slaughterbox are a deathgrind/techdeath band hailing from Red Bluff, California. Their sound is indescribable. It has spastic, technical, sometimes dissonant and sometimes melodic and sometimes brutal guitars. Ranging from technical tapping and sweeping to crushing riffs, their drummer pounds away as he growls and squeals this band to obscurity. The strange, Patton esque schizophrenic vocals contribute to the already technical and spastic guitar work which is mind numbingly fast. They currently only have two small releases, a split with fellow band Killgasm titled The Loss of Human Dignity” featuring two tracks:
1. Judas Kiss

2. The Loss of Human Dignity

and an ep titled The Ubiquity of Subjugationwith just three tracks:
1. Fit For Human Consumption

2. The Head Table

3. The Ubiquity of Subjugation

The band are rising in ranks everyday, and are semi-working on new material as they tour to gain an audience. I want you to peep their stuff over at their myspace.


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