When listening to Born Of Osiris‘s first album The New Reign, I thought it was pretty good. In all honesty, I expected worse due to them being lumped in with the deathcore crowd. The long and repetitive breakdowns didn’t help either.

Well this past week, BoO have uploaded two new songs from their upcoming album A Higher Place, which is available July 7th. These two new songs are a definite step in the right direction for BoO. They’re more progressive, technical, and OH SWEET JESUS, NEITHER SONG HAS A BREAKDOWN.

The music has a wider range of influences, it seems. It’s a bit more melodic. I’d describe the music as similar to The Faceless and Arsis. What threw me through a loop is the outro to “Now Arise”, which is more or less rapping over a drum beat and synth. This isn’t actually a bad thing at all. It’s a very tasteful and to me, the most memorable part of the song.

Exist” and “Now Arise” are streaming over on Born of Osiris’ myspace now. Give them a listen.



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